An Environmentally Friendly University Library Based on Renewable Hybrid Energy Systems

    Bahtiyar DURSUN Affiliation


This paper presents a techno-economic analysis of hybrid renewable energy systems (HRES) to supply the electrical load requirements of the Central Library of Istanbul Esenyurt University located in Istanbul, Turkey. The standalone HRES (PV/Wind/Fuel Cell/Electrolyzer, PV/Fuel Cell/Electrolyzer and Wind/Fuel Cell/Electrolyzer etc.) considered in the analysis were comprised of different combinations of PV modules, Fuel Cell and wind turbines supplemented with hydrogen storage. Meanwhile, wind and solar energy potential in Esenyurt region in Istanbul is fairly appropriate for supplying energy requirements of some places with no high electricity load like libraries. In this study, the HOMER software is used as the assessment tool to determine the optimal configuration of HRES taking total net present cost (NPC) and cost of energy (CoE) into consideration. As a result, it is determined that the optimal system configuration of standalone Wind/PV/Fuel Cell/Electrolyzer hybrid renewable power generation system with the lowest total NPC consists of 25kW PV array, 40kW Wind turbine, 20kW Fuel Cell, 25kW power converter, 50kW electrolyzer and 100kg hydrogen tank and also that total NPC and CoE of the optimal configuration are estimated to be $809,442, $2.040/kWh, respectively.  Renewable fraction of the hybrid system is 100%. Electricity generated through this hybrid system is completely clear and no harmful emission gases in this hybrid system are generated and there is no contribution of the HRES to the pollution of environment.

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DURSUN, B. (2018). An Environmentally Friendly University Library Based on Renewable Hybrid Energy Systems. International Journal of Contemporary Research and Review, 9(06), 20459-20474.
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Jun 25, 2018
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